SR 7 at CR 275 W (Country Squire Blvd)
Intersection Improvements &
Small Structure Replacement

DES. NOS. 1592223 & 1802827

Queensville, Jennings County, Indiana



Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)


The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) is developing plans for the proposed SR 7 Intersection Improvements and Small Structure Replacement located in Queensville, Jennings County, Indiana. The purpose of the project is to address current roadway deficiencies and reduce the likelihood of crashes at the intersections of CR 275 W, Country Squire Boulevard, and the entrance to Dollar General along SR 7. An additional purpose of the project is to improve the condition rating of the culvert located just north of CR 275 W to at least a 7 (good) out of 9 (excellent).


As proposed, the project involves improvements on SR 7 at the intersections of CR 275 W, Country Squire Boulevard, and the entrance to Dollar General. The posted speed limit will decrease from 55 mph to 50 mph before or during project construction. Additionally, the vertical alignment of SR 7 will be adjusted to meet stopping sight distance standards for a 50 mph design speed. As part of the proposed intersection improvements, CR 275 W would be closed to SR 7 and a cul-de-sac constructed on the roadway. A left-turn lane will be installed on northbound SR 7 for Country Squire Boulevard and the current substandard passing blister will be removed. A left-turn lane will be installed on northbound SR 7 at the entrance to Dollar General. The existing 60-foot-long, 5-foot-tall, and 5-foot-wide reinforced concrete box culvert that is located on SR 7 just north of the intersection of CR 275 W (CV 007-040-26.89) will be replaced, lengthened, and upsized. The proposed typical cross-section for SR 7 will consist of one 12-foot-wide travel lane in each direction with a 12-foot-wide northbound left-turn lane at Country Squire Boulevard and at the entrance to Dollar General. In general, existing drainage will be maintained.


The Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) plan for the project involves short term closure of SR 7 and the use of a detour utilizing Interstate (I)-65, United States Highway (US) 50, and SR 750. Access to all properties will be maintained during construction. INDOT will coordinate with emergency services, local school corporation officials and project stakeholders to ensure potential disruptions and impacts are minimized as much as possible. The project will require approximately 4.737 acres of permanent right-of-way (including 2.434 acres reacquisition of apparent existing right-of-way) and approximately 0.462 acre of temporary right-of-way.


The INDOT will host a public hearing on Wednesday, May 26, 2021 at the North Vernon Education and Training Center (Elsner Hall) located at 1200 West O & M Avenue, North Vernon, IN 47265,  the hearing will begin at 6:00 p.m.  A Legal Notice of Public Hearing with additional information about the hearing can be found by opening “Legal Notice of Public Hearing” under “Project Document Links” below. The Environmental Document (CE 4) along with preliminary design plans can be found by opening “Environmental Document (CE 4) with Preliminary Design Plans.” A project information packet can be found by opening  “Project Information Packet.” The hearing presentation is also available by opening “Video Presentation.”


Public statements for the record will be taken as part of the public hearing procedure. All verbal statements recorded during the public hearing and all written comments submitted prior to, during and for a period of two (2) weeks following the hearing date, will be evaluated, considered and addressed in subsequent environmental documentation. Comments can be submitted via the comment box below or by using the  printable comment form available within the “Project Information Packet” linked below. Written comments may be submitted prior to the public hearing and within the comment period to: Leah Perry, at American Structurepoint, Inc., 9025 River Road, Suite 200, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240. E-Mail: INDOT respectfully requests comments be submitted by June 10, 2021.

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