SR 32 Westfield reconstruction

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Westfield, Hamilton County, Indiana



City of Westfield

Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)

SR 32 Westfield
SR 32 Westfield

SR 32 Westfield
SR 32 Westfield

SR 32 Westfield
SR 32 Westfield



A public information meeting for the SR 32 Reconstruction project was held at 6 PM on Tuesday, May 4, 2021 at Grand Park Sports Complex, 19000 Grand Park Blvd, Westfield, Indiana. The purpose of this public information meeting was to inform the public on details of the project and obtain the public’s views regarding the proposed transportation improvements under consideration by the City of Westfield and INDOT.


The recorded presentation and associated material presented at the public information meeting can be found below. Comments can be submitted through the comment section at the bottom of this page, by emailing Sarah Everhart at, or by submitting the comment form at the link below by email, mail, or fax. Please continue to check this website for updates concerning the project.

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This project is being developed by the City of Westfield in partnership with the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT). The proposed project will receive a combination of state and local funding. The proposed undertaking is located in Westfield along SR 32 roughly extending from Poplar Street east to Timberbrook Run and from Jersey Street north to Penn Street in Hamilton County, Indiana.


The purpose of the proposed project is to improve corridor mobility along SR 32 through the downtown Westfield area for both motorists and pedestrians alike. Currently, the existing corridor does not provide a safe traveling environment for motorists or pedestrians as the existing roadway is congested. The need is derived from existing field observations, which include extensive queuing on SR 32 both east and west of Union Street. As a result of the queue, traffic flow is impeded at numerous drives and intersecting roads along the corridor. In particular, the Poplar Street/Shamrock Boulevard roundabout is negatively impacted when slowed or stopped vehicles on SR 32 back up into the roundabout and prevent other vehicles from entering the roundabout. This restricts access from other directions trying to reach the north leg of the roundabout that leads to Riverview Health Hospital and the Westfield Intermediate and Middle Schools. Due to projected growth in the community, as well as planned developments in the area, the existing traffic congestion is expected to increase in the future


The proposed project consists of widening and reconstructing SR 32 from just east of the Poplar Street roundabout to just east of Timberbrook Run. SR 32 will generally be widened to consist of four 11- to 12-foot-wide travel lanes (two westbound, two eastbound), with a raised 12-foot-wide grass center median, curb and gutter, and 8-foot-wide sidewalks separated from the roadway by 6-foot-wide grass buffers on both sides of the roadway. At the intersection of SR 32 with Westlea Drive/Mill Street, the raised median will transition to a 10‐foot-wide protected left-turn lane for eastbound traffic to access Westlea Drive to the north. A 12‐foot-wide dedicated right-turn lane will be provided for eastbound traffic to access Mill Street. At the intersection of SR 32 and Union Street, the raised grass median transitions to an 11-foot-wide dedicated left-turn lane in each direction and a 2‐foot-wide raised center curb with 1‐foot-wide curb offset. Along SR 32 left turns will be restricted to Westlea Drive/Mill Street and Union Street.

Along SR 32 between Walnut Street and Cherry Street, a crosswalk with a pedestrian refuge island is proposed to provide an alternative crossing option for pedestrians between Union Street and East Street. Additionally, the intersection of SR 32 and East Street will be reconstructed to a roundabout with four 11- to 12-foot-wide travel lanes (two westbound, two eastbound) with 8‐foot-wide sidewalks separated by 6‐foot-wide grass buffers on all sides. This will provide an opportunity for U‐turn movements at each end of the project area to compensate for the restricted left turns throughout the roadway corridor. Pedestrian crosswalks and refuge islands will be constructed at each leg of the roundabout. North of the roundabout, East Street will be reconstructed to consist of two 11‐foot-wide travel lanes (one northbound, one southbound) with 6‐foot-wide sidewalks adjacent to the curb and gutter on the west side of the roadway. East Street will be realigned to provide the appropriate transition into the roundabout as well as to straighten out the existing S‐curve along East Street, north of Penn Street. East of the roundabout and extending to just east of Timberbrook Run, SR 32 will be reconstructed to consist of four 11- to 12-foot-wide travel lanes (two westbound, two eastbound).

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