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five points
intersection improvement

DES NO. 1600708

Adam Street, Winchester Street, Mercer Avenue,
and South 2nd Street, Decatur, Adams County, Indiana



City of Decatur

Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)


The City of Decatur is developing plans for the proposed Five Points Intersection Improvement Project (Des. No. 1600708) located in Decatur, Adams County, Indiana. The purpose of the project is to improve the mobility of vehicles and pedestrians, reduce vehicle conflict points, and improve existing curb ramps to meet ADA standards at the intersection.


As proposed, the project involves reconstructing the existing five-legged intersection to a five-legged, single-lane roundabout. The roundabout will have single entry and exit lanes for all roadway approaches. The center of the intersection will be shifted approximately 34 feet to the southwest to avoid impacts to historic properties in the remaining corners of the intersection. The roundabout typical section will consist of one 15-foot-wide travel lane with curb and gutter, a 6-foot-wide sidewalk, an 8-foot-wide truck apron, and a 68-foot-wide raised center island. The design of the roundabout will accommodate larger vehicles such as buses.


Decorative lighting and landscaping will also be installed around the roundabout. Concrete splitter islands will be constructed at all approaches for channelization except for the east approach of Adams Street. Instead, the existing curb ramp will be extended south to provide channelization. Marked pedestrian crosswalks will be added at all approaches of the intersection, and pedestrian refuge islands will be constructed at the approaches with concrete splitter islands. Additionally, ADA compliant curb ramps will be constructed


The maintenance-of-traffic (MOT) plan for the project involves full closure of the intersection during construction, with local detours established to route traffic around the closure. MOT details will be presented during the public hearing.  Access to all properties will be maintained during construction. The City of Decatur will coordinate with emergency services, local school corporation officials, and project stakeholders to ensure potential disruptions and impacts are minimized as much as possible. The project will require approximately 0.178 acre of permanent new right-of-way from a gas station in the southwest corner between Adams Street and Winchester Street. This acquisition will result in the relocation of the gas station.


Notice of Project Advancement (April 2022): The City of Decatur held a public hearing in December 2021 for a proposed intersection improvement project at the Five Points Intersection (Adams Street, Winchester Street, Mercer Avenue, and South 2nd Street) in Decatur, Adams County. This public hearing was held as part of the environmental analysis phase as required per the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Public involvement is an important element of a comprehensive decision-making process. The purpose of this notice is to communicate the status of this project to community members, as well as to formally announce the conclusion of the environmental analysis phase and transition to the next phase of development.


Subsequent to reviewing and considering all comments and materials received as a result of the public hearing held at the Decatur City Hall on December 9, 2021, the City of Decatur will advance this project to the next phase of development with construction anticipated to take place in 2023/2024. Environmental analysis documentation, including written responses to public comments submitted as part of the public involvement process, are available  for public inspection at the Adams County Public Library Decatur Branch, Decatur City Hall, and via this project webpage. Should you have questions regarding this notice please contact Sarah Everhart, American Structurepoint, Inc., at 317-547-5580 or


Sarah Everhart

Senior Environmental Scientist

American Structurepoint, Inc.


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