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I-270 Crossing - Tuller Road to Emerald Parkway Improvement

Dublin, Franklin County, Ohio


The City of Dublin proposes to reduce congestion and provide an alternate route along Sawmill Road at and adjacent to the I-270 interchange.  This proposed project will involve constructing a new crossing over I-270 by connecting Tuller Road and Emerald Parkway. Improvements to the area have the ability to provide better mobility for all modes of travel, including personal vehicles, public transit, pedestrians, bicyclists, and micro-mobility. 


A new I-270 crossing would have a number of benefits for the area.  It would provide significant traffic congestion relief and improve traffic operations to the Sawmill Road corridor. The new crossing will also provide an alternate route for traffic for Sawmill Road, Riverside Drive and other adjacent streets, reduce traffic on these streets, and balance the projected traffic distribution. Additionally, a new crossing would increase connectivity and access across I-270, and provide a vital link between the Bridge Street District and the Emerald Parkway corridor.  It would increase overall traffic capacity, improve mobility and support economic development in the region.  For the everyday user, it would allow them to avoid a congested Sawmill Road and make quick connections between current disjointed neighborhoods while drawing the community closer together and providing pedestrian and bicyclist alternatives.


A 2022 study evaluated five alternatives as shown in the following map. Additionally, a matrix summarizing how each alternative compared to one another was prepared to help identify the recommended alternative (see Alternative Comparison Matrix).


Alternative 1 was determined to be the recommended alternative. Alternative 1 will provide connectivity with the existing street networks and minimize impacts on the existing properties north and south of I-270 while providing another route for pedestrians and bicyclists to traverse across I-270. It is important that the new I-270 Crossing maintain the distinct roadway design standards with the Bridge Street District and the Bright Road Special Area. Additionally, the pedestrian and bicycle facilities will maintain the standards established in the City’s Bikeway Plan and Standard Construction Drawings.

proposed project design exhibit


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Teresa Moore

City of Dublin

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