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DES. NO. 1900739

Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana



City of Goshen
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)


 The City of Goshen, with funding from the FHWA and administrative oversight from the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), intends to proceed with a roadway improvement project. The project is located on College Avenue, beginning at US 33 and extending 0.82 mile east before ending approximately 450 feet east of Century Drive near the Norfolk Southern Railroad crossing in the City of Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana. The need for this project is evidenced by the backup of vehicles along the two-lane corridor, a result of vehicles stopping while attempting to turn left across the roadway, and the lack of pedestrian facilities. The purpose of the project is to reduce congestion and the potential for rear-end crashes caused by left-turning vehicles, improve access to existing pedestrian facilities along College Avenue, and reduce potential conflicts between vehicles and pedestrians traveling along the College Avenue corridor.


The current scope of work will include the widening of College Avenue to accommodate a center two-way-left turn (TWLT) lane throughout the project corridor. The roadway typical section will consist of two 11-foot wide travel lanes (one eastbound, one westbound) separated by a 14-foot wide center TWLT lane, bordered by a 2-foot, 7-inch-wide combined curb and gutter along both sides of the roadway. The typical section will also include a new, 10-foot-wide paved multi-use path along the north side of College Avenue. A new pedestrian bridge will be constructed to convey the multi-use path over Horn Ditch. The project will also replace the initial 25 to 50 feet of residential and business driveways in order to tie in these access points with the reconstructed roadway and install a new storm sewer system throughout the project corridor.


A public hearing will be held at 5:30 pm on December 6, 2022 at the Goshen Public Library, located at 601 South 5th Street, Goshen, Indiana 46526. The purpose of the public hearing is to offer all interested persons an opportunity to comment on current design plans to improve the College Avenue in Goshen, Elkhart County, Indiana. The public information presentation and accompanying documents will also be posted to this web page by November 28, 2022.  Although there will be an opportunity to submit comments following the public information meeting, we highly encourage you to submit comments and questions prior to the public information meeting. All comments are requested by December 23, 2022.

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Leigh Stevenson

Senior Environmental Specialist

American Structurepoint, Inc.


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