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Cleveland Road Corridor

PID NO. 114056

Sandusky, Erie County, Ohio



City of Sandusky, Ohio


The purpose of the project is to improve congestion and mobility along the US 6 (Cleveland Road) transportation corridor in Sandusky.


The proposed roadway improvement project consists of the installation of a roundabout at the Cleveland Road and Cedar Point Drive intersection; lengthening of turn lanes at the Cleveland Road and Sycamore Line intersection as well as the Cleveland Road and Remington Avenue intersection; traffic signal removals at three intersections (Cleveland Road and Avondale Street/McKinley Street, Cleveland Road and Cowdery Street, and Milan Road and Butler Street); installation of a new sidewalk along the north side of Cleveland Road from Harbour Parkway to near Remington Avenue; and sidewalk replacement, storm sewer work, new and upgraded crosswalks, new ADA compliant curb ramps, and pavement markings and striping.


The City of Sandusky would like to update the community regarding the selection of recommended roadway improvements for the Cleveland Road Improvement project (ERI-US6-9.07; PID 114056).

The 2045 Long-Range Transportation Plan (Erie County Metropolitan Planning Organization 2020) was developed by the Erie Regional Planning Commission (ERPC) to identify projects that yield the greatest benefit to the region, while allowing stakeholders to provide input specific to transportation goals. Implementation of improvements to the US 6 project corridor were identified in this plan. Public input found the main transportation issues in the county are congestion and safety, with US 6 and US 250 being the top two corridors most traveled and congested in the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO). Additionally, this plan noted the heavy reliance motorists have on GPS devices and cellphone navigational applications that have altered the intended way of entering Cedar Point Amusement Park (Cedar Point). US 250 was designated the primary roadway to enter Cedar Point; however, now motorists are entering the park from all directions. Results from the public involvement documented respondents identifying the need to increase safety for all modes of transportation. In addition, the previously completed, 2040 Long-Range Transportation Plan (Erie County MPO 2015), documented similar recommendations for the project corridor and identified areas of concern for the traveling public.


The US 6 Corridor Study (PID 105803) Feasibility Study (2019) summarized the existing conditions along a larger US 6 corridor; however, the area along Cleveland Road was highlighted throughout the report. This study summarized the existing conditions along Cleveland Road, analyzed those conditions, and presented alternatives to improve the roadway, safety, and operational issues within the area.


A Cleveland Road (ERI-6) Traffic Analysis Memo (2021) included an updated traffic capacity analysis and signal warrant analysis for the corridor.  This memo analyzed 11 signalized intersections within the vicinity of the Cleveland Road corridor.


In 2022, a Feasibility Study was completed for the Cleveland Road corridor within the City's limits. This  study evaluated three alternatives for the Cleveland Road and Cedar Point Drive intersection. These alternatives included: Signal and lane improvements at the intersection; Replacement of the current signalized intersection with a modern roundabout; and the no build alternative (with no intersection improvements). The results of this study recommended replacement of the current signalized intersection with a modern roundabout. Additionally, this study assessed storage of turning vehicles at the Sycamore Line and Cleveland Road intersection and the Remington Avenue and Cleveland Road intersection. The results of this study recommended lengthening of the turning lanes at these two intersections as calculated by ODOT criteria. Furthermore, this study also recommended adding sidewalks west of Harbour Parkway, where there are no existing sidewalks on the north side of Cleveland Road.


Furthermore, portions of the Cleveland Road corridor are discussed in the Erie County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Update 2020 (ERPC MPO 2020). This plan was first developed in 1999 in response to a local bicycle fatality which generated the public's interest in bike and pedestrian planning. In the 2020 Plan, recommendations were provided that focused on specific areas of the region that would benefit the most from additional bicycle and pedestrian facilities. Specific areas near Cleveland Road that are specifically mentioned in this plan include: an old railroad access way (between Cedar Point Drive and Heron Creek Drive) and Cowdery Street (from US 6 to Knupke Street), Roosevelt Street (from US 6 to Larchmont Drive), Heron Creek Drive (from railroad access to Shoreway Drive), Shoreway Drive (from Sprucewood to US 6), all of Bauer Road and Pipe Street, Harbor Road (from US 6 to Heron Creek), Dietrick Street (from US 6 to Heron Creek), and Sprucewood Drive (from Heron Creek to Shoreway Drive). The recommended treatments in these segments includes signage, signal improvement/installation, crosswalk installment/installation, lighting installation/improvements, sidewalks and off-road multi-use paths.


Frank Aransky

Project Manager

American Structurepoint, Inc.


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