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Bristol Street Road Reconstruction

DES. NO. 1801611

Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana



City of Elkhart

Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT)

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The City of Elkhart, with funding from the FHWA and administrative oversight from the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT), intends to proceed with a Roadway Improvement Project. proposed project is located along Bristol Street (CR 10)  beginning at the intersection of Jeanwood Drive (CR 13) extending east along Bristol Street for approximately 1.30 miles before terminating at the intersection of CR 15 (Streeter Lane) in Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana. The need for this project is evidenced by the backup of vehicles along this section of Bristol Street, a result of vehicles stopping while attempting to turn left across the roadway, ponding of water during rain events, and the lack of pedestrian facilities. The purpose of the proposed project is to improve left turn mobility for vehicles, improve existing surface drainage facilities, and to reduce the potential of vehicle and pedestrian conflicts while also increasing pedestrian mobility along Bristol Street.


The current scope of work includes widening Bristol Street to accommodate one 11-foot wide through lane in each direction (one westbound/one eastbound) with a center two way-left-turn lane throughout the majority of the project corridor. The existing four-lane section between Jeanwood Drive to just east of Pinewood Elementary School will be reduced to the proposed three-lane typical roadway section allowing the roadway cross-section to be reallocated for other uses. The existing two-lane section between Pinewood Elementary School and just west of Glenwood Park Drive will be maintained due to minimal driveways and/or access points. The existing two-lane section from just west of Glenwood Park Drive to CR 15 will be widened to the three-lane typical roadway section.


A 5-foot wide sidewalk will be constructed along the north side of the roadway and a sodded buffer strip, typically 5-foot wide, will be installed between the curb and sidewalk. A 10-foot wide multi-use path will be constructed along the south side of the roadway and a sodded buffer strip, typically 5-foot wide, will be installed between the curb and multi-use path. The multi-use path is being constructed along the south side of the roadway in order to tie into the existing Walker Park/Pinewood School Trail. Additionally, a mid-block crossing for the multi-use path will be constructed approximately 50 feet east of the western Pinewood School exit. New curb and gutters, curb inlets, and modifications to the existing storm sewer will also be conducted. of the storm sewer, consist of an approximately 9-foot wide corridor extending from Bristol Street south to the storm sewer outlet.


The City of Elkhart held a public hearing on January 19, 2023 regarding the roadway improvement project located along Bristol Street from Jeanwood Drive to CR 15 in Elkhart, Elkhart County. This public hearing was held as part of the environmental analysis phase as required and per federal requirements outlined by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Additional details regarding the Bristol Street Roadway Improvement Project (DES # 1801611) are available in-person at the Elkhart Public Library (300 S. 2nd Street, Elkhart, IN 46516) and on this website. Please click the Environmental Document link below for all public hearing comments and replies to those comments.  


Scott Farrell

Environmental Project Manager

American Structurepoint, Inc.


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