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PHASES 3B and 3C

DES NOS. 1901699, 1401273, 0400582

Near Fort Wayne, Allen County, Indiana



Allen County, Indiana


The Bass Road Reconstruction Project is an approximate 4.4 mile long project consisting of seven (7) phases beginning just west of Scott Road and extending east to the intersection of Hillegas Road. A Categorical Exclusion (CE) Level 4 was approved on August 22, 2012 for the overall (Scott to Hillegas) project. Four subsequent Additional Information (AI) documents have been approved in 2016, 2019, 2020, and 2021 describing modifications to the project.


Since the approval of the above environmental documents, three phases (Phases 1A, 2A, and 2B) have been constructed and are currently open for use, two phases (Phases 1B and 3A) are under currently construction, and two additional phases (Phases 3B and 3C) remain to be constructed. This document is intended to provide an update to the project status and the anticipated schedule of Phases 3B and 3C.


Phases 3B begins approximately 1,800-ft east of the intersection of Wescott Drive and extends west before ending 767-ft west of Brenton Glens Drive. Phase 3C begins 767-ft west of Brenton Glens Drive and ends just west of Scott Road. Phases 3B and 3C anticipated to move to construction in early 2023. Construction is anticipated to continue through 2025.


As presented in the 2012 CE 4, the proposed undertaking will consist of widening Bass Road to consist of two 12-foot-wide travel lanes (one in each direction) divided by a 12 to 14-foot-wide auxiliary lane or median, as well as 7-inch-wide curbs and 2-foot curb offsets. A 10-foot-wide shared use path will be constructed along the southern side of the roadway starting at Scott Road and would be separated from Bass Road by a grassed buffer strip ranging from 1 to 10 feet in width. Driveways would be reconstructed to tie into the new roadway as necessary. This typical section matches the previously completed portions of Bass Road to the east. The intersection of Bass Road and Scott Road within Phase 3C would be reconstructed as a single lane roundabout. Additionally, left and right turn lanes would be provided at the intersections of Brenton Glens Drive, Woodland Pass, Lone Oak Boulevard, and Wescott Drive. Drainage would conveyed be by curbing to drainage inlets and then discharged to streams within the project area. 

Final engineering and additional utility coordination has been completed for the Phase 3B and 3C project.  This has resulted in an expansion of the construction limits in both phases primarily due to final stormwater design. Modifications also include expansion for grading behind the shared use path in the northeast and southwest quadrant of Bass Road and Scott Road in Phase 3C. Expansion for grading in these areas has resulted in the need to purchase an additional 0.243 acre of permanent right of way in the southwest quadrant and an additional 0.119 acre of temporary right of way in the northeast quadrant of the intersection from agricultural land in Phase 3C. An additional 0.005 acre of temporary right of way is also required from residential land for grading at the cross streets of Brenton Glens and Wescott Drive in Phase 3B. Please see the Info Packet, Plans, and Mapping below for more information.


Notice of Public Information

The commissioners of  Allen County are providing the opportunity for all interested parties to review and provide comments on Phases 3B and 3C of the Bass Road Reconstruction project. The public can review the information packet as well as the plans and mapping for the proposed undertaking at the links below. All comments are requested by August 1, 2022.

Submit all comments by August 1, 2022.


Josh Iddings

Environmental Project Manager

American Structurepoint


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